Ella Storer
My degree collection ‘Material Synthesis’ is a conceptual project exploring the creation of biomaterials and applying them to a couture market level. The materials will be visualised as one-off garments that will then dissolve or biodegrade after they have been worn, helping to tackle the issue of waste within the fashion industry. In terms of my process, I’m more of a material focused designer, but also love using photography to create designs as well as abstract prints. Sustainability is also a huge interest of mine and I have made a conscious effort to consider it in my design projects. Therefore, I would love to go into a role surrounding sustainable textiles or print design. This year I have enjoyed being able to take my project in an exciting direction, experimenting with creating new materials and developing prints alongside. I am really proud of my final collection and have loved exploring a new way of creating textiles!
BA (H) Textile Design