Isobel Skelton
I’m Isobel and I specialise in digitally printed textiles for fashion. I have always been very creative in my endeavours and textile design has allowed me to bring my visions to life. I have been lucky enough to combine some of my main interests into my projects during my time at NTU. The self-directed nature of the modules has allowed me to apply my interests in sustainability, social media and spirituality to my projects. One of my proudest achievements was being awarded an internship with Next Menswear for a live brief competition that I won In my second year which I am due to start in a few weeks’ time. I pride myself in my innovative ability to generate ideas and concepts which is one of my strongest attributes. After studying textile design where I have had the amazing opportunity to develop my personal style and express my creativity, I am eager to expand my skill set beyond design. In the future, I aim to gain experience in the buying sector as I move my career forward.
BA (H) Textile Design