Bethany Smith
Specialising in embroidery, my degree project is entitled Le Grand Amour, investigating the aesthetics of romance, embodying femininity and exploring romantic visuals. Parisian streets, public gardens and architecture combined with extensive visuals of florals form the basis to this hyper romanticised project. Floral representation and colour psychology is embedded within my collection, stimulating feelings of romantic delight and blooming with beauty, creating a collection with a deeper psychological meaning which will never go out of fashion. Reflecting my future goals of becoming a fashion embroiderer, I designed for the luxury women’s fashion market as this is the market I am aiming to work within in the future, creating bespoke intricate embroideries and one-off designs. Showcasing my skills within hand embellishment using techniques such as tambour beading and multihead embroidery, my portfolio reflects the high standard and quality of skill which I possess and continue to grow.
BA (H) Textile Design