Gemma Coley
EMBRACE & EMPOWER– In today’s society women are constantly trying to alter their looks and compare themselves to the perfectly filtered celebrities they see online. My final year project is about women embracing the body they’re born with. Now more than ever it’s important to take a second to look in the mirror and be empowered by our reflection. This collection is a multi-outcome, contemporary collection consisting of high-end statement pieces with distinctive features, that make every design unique. Interiors and fashion outcomes are something we see and interact with daily, therefore are constant visual reminders for the consumer to love their bodies. This collection shows my colourful, gestural design style. Showcasing my ability to create varied visual research outcomes. As a designer my approach is to ensure that my work reflects the emotion that a project is based upon, using different colours, shapes, and patterns, with every new design brief to embody the concept’s ethos.
BA (H) Textile Design