William Hector
The concept for this project stems from my inner concern for the state of our world. As the mounting evidence of climate change and social instability points towards a potential upheaval of human civilization, it becomes impossible to ignore the implications for future generations. Titled 'Concrete Fossils and Knitted Artifacts: The Legacy of What We Leave Behind,' my project employs knitwear as a lens to delve into the remnants of our society and how they might be interpreted by future civilizations. To bring this envisioned world to life, I have developed knitted fabrics using various techniques such as shima, hand-flat, and domestic machines, allowing me to create samples that invoke this "time to come". Moreover, I have embraced an intuitive approach to reinterpret knitwear and craft non-knitted knits, extending this mindset to the creation of silhouettes and garment shapes, imbuing them with an organic essence.
MA Fashion Knitwear Design