Samuel Jay Turton-Fox
I am a graphic designer that came to Nottingham to study Graphic Design in order to further my study in adverting. However, once I came here, I fell in love with all things editorial and illustration. My favourite project this year is ‘Area. Magazine’ which champions fashion, lifestyle and culture in the city. The idea is that each issue will be a new city to promote small creatives and business as well as produce artistic imagery for the editorial collectors. During this course, I found a calling to creative direction. During my time working on my magazine, I found myself forming a small team of independent stylists, models and other creatives. Having this team was something that felt true to myself, and I wish to pursue this collaboration in the future. I am also very interested in working in agencies outside the UK or in London, I think it’s very important to expose yourself to new experiences and cultures in order to keep your creative thinking not only educated but fresh.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design