Pooli Barman
I'm a textile print designer & innovative surface developer in the field of fashion. My project ‘The Mysterious World of Hexapods’ is inspired by insects’ strange defence mechanisms like “aposematism” and “crypsis”. It’s fascinating to discover they use various approaches to protect themselves from predators, one of such surviving and intuitive strategies is “crypsis”, to camouflage themselves with nature or “aposematism” projecting strong and bright colours like red, yellow, and orange, distinct from the green or brown which is common in terrestrial environments. These “idiosyncratic characteristics” of the “world of insects” inspired me to create a range of unparalleled prints and surface patterns. I have experimented with various print, embroidery and fabric manipulation techniques to enhance my craftmanship and have created a collection of vivid prints embellished through bead work and fabric manipulation designs for high end fashion fabrics.
MA Textile Design Innovation