Nisha Mohindra
I am a doodler and visual communicator. Being quite introverted, communicating visually is how I put myself out there to translate my thoughts and ideas, something I've learned within my time on the BA (Hons) in Fashion Communication and Promotion. With an interest in graphic design, print and cinematography my work is a combination of both digital and hand-rendered. Focusing on playful graphics that communicate meaningful motivations and passions of mine. With an established interest and love for digital art, I do not let this stop me from experimenting within a variety of creative outputs. As I find joy in constantly challenging my ability and pushing my creativity in all aspects. Thriving when working practically and collaborating, I hope to find myself in a creative agency where I can be part of fun and fulfilling projects. A place where I can set my own independent goals and help others reach theirs.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion