Georgia Townson
Fashion has always and continues to enthral me. Since university, I have become particularly interested in how Fashion is incorporated into Film, Photography, Art and Music as these disciplines aim to broadly express a story. This captivates me to demonstrate through creative mediums my own ideas /how to explore and regenerate these. Throughout my time I have been posted on Graduate Fashion Weeks Instagram, began a collective with other creatives and worked towards professional industry briefs to benefit my career and develop my individual artistic voice. The brief that fascinated me the most was the Fashion Film brief for it was my chance to demonstrate the way I see, feel and think through a lens and gave me the chance to learn through group collaboration new skills from other creatives. Fashion is the core of my interests, and I am nothing but determined to prove myself and continually learn through career roles such as Idea Strategist, Creative Director or Art Director.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion