Minling Wu Joy / Joyceline
I am final year BA (Hons) International Fashion Business student with a diverse background in both design and business. This unique combination has allowed me to bring a fresh, innovative perspective to my work. I have travelled far in my journey, and my experiences have given me valuable insights into the global fashion industry. What really excites me is the potential for technology and innovation in product development. For example, CLO 3D has opened up a whole new possibility for my freelance projects. Additionally, my experience freelancing in fashion design has given me a deeper understanding of business and has taught me to adopt a practical approach in my work. Of course, none of this would be possible without my international background and experience studying abroad. These experiences have taught me to be adaptable, thrive in diverse environments, and to never stop learning. I can't wait to see where my fashion journey takes me next!
BA (Hons) International Fashion Business