Milly Beeching
If I had to summarise who I am, I would choose the titles "Visual Fashion Communicator" and "Aspiring Creative". Formulating creative concepts, creating high resolution mock-ups, exploring innovative trends: that is where I get stuck in and have the most fun! I'm obsessed with being part of fashion as it moves into a futuristic digital space. Which is why my specialties lie in the Adobe Suite, where I am always imagining new creations on Photoshop and Illustrator. I intend to use these skills and my voice to create campaigns for those who feel unheard and deserve to have their stories told in a way never done before. Plus, I have the wildest imagination, so who better for it? From creating my own online platform to celebrate South Korean artistry, to designing virtual reality headsets for Estée Lauder. I have truly evolved on my time exploring Fashion Communication and Promotion. So...the real question is, what's next?
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion