Jasmin Barber
I'm a BA (Hons) Photography student in my final year. I have learned a lot over my three years at NTU studying photography, and my abilities and approaches have evolved. My photography seeks to capture and record the history and atmosphere of nightclubs while documenting the euphoric feelings that are felt when clubbing, creating comparisons between the inner experiences of the subjects and the sensations I portray in my images. I have previously worked in a studio as a photography assistant where I assisted with the shoots but mostly with the editing and developed a passion for it. My ability to edit and retouch images are a great strength of mine and I’ve used my expanding knowledge and expertise to contribute to my final images, providing me with the greatest result I was hoping to achieve. I've really loved my final year project since it's given me the chance to rekindle my enthusiasm for photography, and I'm excited to see what the future brings.
BA (Hons) Photography