Izzy Willett
Hello, I am Izzy! I have been exploring and experimenting for the past three years at Nottingham Trent University. I am passionate about visual communication and nature within print, hand-drawn, and digital media. I find the developmental stage exciting and intriguing for outcomes are unpredictably exciting and innovative. I enjoy textures and combining this with my recent liking for pattern design. This is shown within a packaging project where I decided to communicate the sense/feel of anxiety I enjoyed this project because it could help people feel connected and to understand others better maybe having a positive impact on someone's life. Having a design that is functional but also emotionally driven is a satisfaction of mine. I am interested in the current trends and enjoy reflecting on what could be the next current thing. I have gained confidence through presenting work that is personal to me and can't wait to continue my design journey!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design