Georgie Franklin
I’m Georgie Franklin a multi-talented visual communicator who expresses myself and my passions through my artwork. I pride myself in creating work which advocates for causes I care about, for example a zine I recently made called Damsel which is a publication that addresses the issue of gender inequality and poor representation of women and aims to empower women to write their own narrative. My work on Muted explores social injustice and the importance of having a voice. Through the process of making these zines, I discovered my love for styling and photographing shoots, fostering an open and creative environment with collaborators. This was translated when working with jewellery brand All We Are on a film campaign. I thrive in energetic team environments and am dedicated to bettering myself as a creative individual. Overall, I am a personable, optimistic creative who is excited for my future as part of a team, bringing my passion for fairness and creativity to any project I undertake.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion