Carol Tetley
I'm a final year BA (Hons) Animation student, specialising in 3D Look Development. I specialise in modelling characters and assets and I have experience with Xgen, rigging and texturing. I'm well versed with Maya, ZBrush, substance painter and Adobe Photoshop, as well as Adobe After effects, Adobe Premiere and Blender. For future endeavours I really hope to continue sculpting and educating myself on the anatomy of the human figure. I'm looking forward to working with other creative individuals. During the second year of study, the opportunity arose to work with a client that wanted an infomercial showcasing the flaws in the flat earth movement. For this brief I was the producer and gained experience managing a group of other likeminded creative individuals as well as dealing with the clients wants and needs. I have a background in fine art, and photography. In my spare time I like to dabble in painting and textiles, such as sewing, embroidery.
BA (Hons) Animation