Abbie Holloway Young
I am a creative within the scope of fashion communication, passionate about using my personality throughout my work. I aim to inject a sense of humour into my tone of voice; in a world of media projecting so much stress, I think alternative perspectives and unexpected approaches are immensely important. I enhanced this part of my creative self in my final year project surrounding our society’s obsession with extraordinary lives. This project gave me a space to take this issue close to me and create an outcome; a zine surrounding celebrations of ordinary life, which I genuinely believe could support the mental health issues related to unrealistic expectations of success. I want to continue developing my way of communicating with personality, researching a subject and creating visuals that can connect to real people. I love my subject because fashion is a beautiful way to translate these meaningful messages into visuals, as dramatic or unserious as you make it.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion