Molly-Ann Marsh
I'm Molly-Ann Marsh, a character animator and artist. I have always loved telling and illustrating stories, which has been my favourite part of my degree; bringing those stories into animated motion. I enjoy fantasy settings, especially in video games or table-top RPGs that allow freedom and artistic creativity such as Dungeons and Dragons. I have my own fantasy/steampunk story that I have been working on over the past 4 years and am still developing in the hopes of pitching it to a studio one day! I would love to be a part of creating more media for both TV and games and I am excited to be working within the industry to bring more diverse and interesting voices to the screen. I have already received a number of private art commissions and shown that I can work to a deadline, a skill that I've continued to strengthen whilst attending university. I am most active on my Twitter, @themollystar which is the best place to follow me for all of my art and animation updates!
BA (H) Animation