Lucy Siddall
Hello! I'm Lucy, a 2D animator from Derby, I specialise in hand drawn animation within TV-Paint and Visual development in Adobe Photoshop. I Love telling everyday stories with fantasy twists and using bright colour palettes within my work. For my final year project I have been producing a thesis film titled “Devil’s in the details” a story that details the struggles of two demons - Erin and Greg who are pizza delivery workers trying to finish the last delivery of the night. Facing against traffic caused by tormented souls, Demonic dogs and an overbearing boss, Greg and Erin will have to work together if they plan on delivering the last order in time. Post-graduation I aim to fully complete my thesis film and continue to build upon my 2d Animation portfolio. I am hoping to work in a studio as an 2D animator and further develop my 2d animation skills.
BA (H) Animation