Melina Eleni Georgiou
I’m a final year Textile Design student, specialising in Print Design. I’m an optimistic and ambitious individual, who is proactive and works to exceed their potential. This year I have explored a more illustrative approach, using mixed media to enhance my drawings. Nostalgic escapism photographs my journey through Paris, highlighting historic architecture, a cultural atmosphere, and a fresh luminosity of colour. The foundation of my visual research is illustrated monuments, the concept of essential belongings packed for your travels, and souvenirs collected. I have gained a strong work ethic and organisation, resulting in a successful final project I am extremely proud of. I have also gained new techniques and creativity to pursue into my career. I also have 3 years experience working for established fashion brands. I also have been involved in successful in design projects with companies including Next. I’m currently looking for a role as a Print Designer in the fashion industry.
BA (H) Textile Design