Megan Sweby
I’m Megan, a recently graduated textile designer specialising in surface print design. I am interested in multidisciplinary design and applying pattern everywhere! I am passionate about creating fun and playful art to inspire others to be creative, especially since the global pandemic as many people have felt the negative effects on their mental health. The response to creating and viewing art can be very therapeutic, therefore, that is my mission. My most recent project; ONWARD, is all these things and more. I have loved every minute of this project and I’m intent on developing it even further post-graduation in my spare time. I have achieved a finalist position in the Fashanne Awards 2021, and I’ve had two designs shortlisted in the Abstract category of IDOTT which I am very proud of. Going forward, as I am very flexible, I am looking for any work opportunities within the entire design sector.
BA (H) Textile Design