Lottie Jennings
Modernist represents a simplified renaissance of design within menswear. Colour, shape and placement are used in the collection to explore new ideas of gender, fabrications and modernity in fashion. Initial design development took influence from the artist Matisse, experimenting with drawing in the form of cut-outs. The Modernist aims to take fashion to a new level of defining the ‘modern’, challenging traditional gender stereotypes and creating a new interpretation of gender identity. Lottie’s collections have been inspired by travelling to India, Vietnam and South America, experiencing first-hand techniques of textile production across different cultures. In addition, having undertaken courses with SDC and Woolmark have furthered her knowledge of colour and materials in the wider design industry. Lottie is currently looking to gain a position as a fashion or textiles designer for menswear or womenswear.
BA (H) Textile Design