Hollie Beaver
ERODING MASCULINITY explores ‘How menswear has evolved and developed over the years’ exploring the development and evolution of ‘masculinity’ within men’s fashion. Developing a concept that expresses how menswear, has adopted and adapted different styles to form a more elegant and fluid fashion form. Delving into how the meaning of ‘masculinity’ has evolved over the years by men incorporating a more feminine touch to their style and how it expresses empowerment. Moreover, my collection is inspired by the natural world of decay and how, I have formed a beautifully elegant collection from objects that are not so elegant. Focusing my concept on the rise of men’s feminine fashion, by looking into how it is acceptable for men to dress in a more feminine style but still have masculine aspects. I created a smart/casual feminine menswear collection, the collection is at a high market level, fit for Spring/Summer 2022.
BA (H) Textile Design