Daisy Jane Dunne
I’m Daisy Jane and I specialise in embroidery with a multi-media approach. I love mixing techniques such as melting plastic into a bodice and spray painting onto knits. I find joy within the unknown outcomes and pushing the boundaries. My graduate collection explores the side of fashion which affects women’s daily lives, the choices they must make every day due to societies pressures. Inspired by neon lights and clashing colours which draw attention to the body transforming them into fashion-based samples. I have completed placements within COW Vintage for Visual Merchandising and Story Designs for embroidery alongside a ‘Rising Star Stylist of The Year’ Award from the 2018 Midland’s Fashion Awards. My next step is a Masters in Fashion Design. Throughout my graduate collection, I uncovered a love for fashion and hope to merge the skills I have learnt throughout textile design with garments to create cutting edge designs.
BA (H) Textile Design