April Lomax
‘URBAN RENEWAL’ is a genderless and seasonless embroidery collection for contemporary streetwear. The original concept is based on the controversial topic of gentrification within cities, exploring the different communities affected and the everchanging cityscape that urban re-development brings. Inspired by the city of Manchester, my project explores contrasting materials that represent different areas of the city, from the slick suits to more hard-wearing workwear materials in reference to the city's industrial past. I have combined old and new, in terms of the architectural details in my visual research and in my sustainability aspect by using deadstock and second-hand fabric. After graduation, I would like to continue pursuing a creative career, whether in embroidery or another discipline. Having completed the Sustainability in Practice award during my time at NTU, I am keen in exploring sustainable textiles further in the future, looking at both human and environmental issues.
BA (H) Textile Design