Andriana Christodoulou
Andriana Christodoulou is a British painter, exploring erotic behaviours through a woman’s perspective. Working with acrylic paint on canvas to investigate the human sexuality and promoting a sexual act. Especially capturing the element of both genders being seen in this way and how its reflected in society. Presenting the human form and sensual exploration. Her practice operates between fantasy, private space and erotica. “your flesh is an appetite, and hunger for your desire”. Demonstrating her relationship with the subject. Her practice is immediate through her vibrant colour palette and style, abstracting the figure and provoking emotion. Portraying vulnerability and desire. Pushing boundaries to capture the publics attention, her work is a celebration of women empowerment and presents women domination. Andriana draws and paints from her documentation of photographs and videos, and works on large canvas to portray her sensual moments.
BA (H) Fine Art