Gabriel Harris
"I am a radical advocate for care, tenderness, queer liberation, and the crip future. I make work for my disabled, autistic, genderfuck bodymind. My works are the outcomes of BDSM scenes during which I push my body to its limits; undergoing processes to purposefully aggravate my chronic pain. Coming together in two parts, I make interactive sculpture, furniture, bodyessays, writing, and performances. Part One centralises materiality as extension of the body; I create objects fitting my dimensions and imbued with my experience. This often involves scavenging and finding, transformations of materials and objects, emotion, and pain. Part Two is, by design, uncontrollable. Taking the audience from viewer to participant, I use their bodies to perform with the objects created in Part One. Any work which references or engages the body inescapably brings forth questions of dis/ability, sexuality, and gender, and my work appropriates these in order to queer the normal experience of interacting.
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