Jialin Gu
Hi, my name is Gu Jialin and I'm a graphic Design graduate based in the UK. Here are images of my Ma project. During my final term of Ma study at NTU, I had the opportunity to work on the design for a small exhibition called "Eternal Journey of rice" that tells something of the rice in life that people may overlook. Through the way of five senses, this exhibition aims to make people notice and feel the familiar and also unfamiliar feelings that rice brings to us in our daily life. Why i call this exhibition as a journey? Because I want travellers to explore the rice that we are familiar with but never spend time and never pay attention to in our daily life. It's actually very interesting, there are a lot of secrets behind it, it's not what we see on the surface of the boring. If you experience this journey with your heart and your senses, you will not only learn about the rice you never really knew, but you will also feel the stress release and healing.