Harry Hitchcock
Documentary photographer Harry Hitchcock has always been interested in using the camera to turn our attention towards current issues of underrepresented groups such as the LGBTQ+ community or Mental Health Awareness. However, his current body of work instead turns the narrative on himself, exploring the notion of home and belonging as ever evolving. As the formative home gives way to the often-multiple independent abodes of adulthood, lived experience is informed by shifting contexts of place. Home can be composed and collated from each contributing experiential context until a point of ‘belonging’ might be found. The work juxtaposes family imagery with documentary images of his lived environments; Newmarket and Nottingham, which have been photographed through a series of repeated walks. The pairings and sequence, set out within a traditional family photo album, locates recollection and familial history into the present to meet the possibilities of what future home might be.