Annabella Knott
Throughout my Masters, I have explored various forms of Portraiture and Fashion Editorial work, collating a broad spectrum of material that goes beyond traditional fields of being a photographer, but also incorporates my skills of Art Direction and Styling. My favourite images include; my self-portraiture series, which looks at a Manchester family inspired by the people I grew up around, Benidorm, Blackpool and the Lakes, a series using Google Maps and humorous styling to comment on Britain’s love of a holiday, and Lastly, Love Letters to Lacoste, a comedic look at an extreme love obsessions to Lacoste. My use of humour is important in my work, as it brings continuity between my images, and makes the interpretations accessible and relatable to the everyday people. Moving forward, I want to take the skills I’ve learnt and my view to industry and connect to a wider audience.