Qing Lin. Sally. Fu
rom China to Scotland then England, from Fashion Design to Textile Design then Knitwear Design. All of my experiences have cultivated my ability to adapt quickly and learn effectively. This has given me the courage to deal with challenges, and clearly pointed out my direction as a slow fashion knitwear designer. My project is named Versatile Wardrobe: Long-life Multifunctional Knitwear, with consideration for slow fashion and clothing longevity to support sustainable design. In addition to good quality, I added the multi-functional feature and embellished it with mending stitches, thus encouraging long-lasting use. Alongside my study, I also gained an internship in a knitwear company and part-time work experience in a retail company, which not only developed my effective communication skills and working with the team, but also supported the development of good time management skills. I can't wait to start the new chapter of my life and my career, fighting for slow fashion knitwear!