Sophie Mitchell

Please DO Touch is an interactive collection of tactile samples exploring the senses and Sensory Design. How can we experience the world of textiles through sound, touch, or smell? My passion for this began in the CoLab module, where we delved deeper into how people experience the world differently through their senses. Using traditional hand and machine embroidery methods, alongside working with unconventional materials such as silicone and acrylic, to create textural and playful samples. Through my specialism in embroidery, I have acquired valuable skills in technical development, colour palette selection, and working across disciplines. Designing for a sensory room: Please DO Touch targets people with Sensory Processing Disorders who need somewhere to distract and regulate themselves. From utilising the skills gained in both my degree and previous experience working as a seamstress, I plan to pursue a career in the creative industries, whether in textiles or another field.
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