Karolina Hajnas

Throughout my BA (Hons) Illustration course, I have developed an extensive library of research and inspiration from music and literature. I find musicians to be a very inspiring image of self-expression and throughout my BA I have created music videos, paintings and prints in response to songs and albums. When it comes to literature, authors such as Richard Siken, Ocean Vuong, Ottessa Moshfegh, with their depictions of LGBT life, race, the immigrant experience, and mental health, inspire my characters and stories when creating zines. Through my zines, I aim to depict a more real, disturbing image of humanity others might find comforting. I am often influenced by folklore and medieval art and have used my enthusiasm of working with words to collaborate with writers to illustrate poetry for exhibitions and designing a book cover for an anthology. I aim to use my enthusiasm of working with text to continue to create stories and illustrations which will allow others to feel heard and represented.