Fred Swindells

I am a BA (Hons) Graphic Design undergraduate from Nottingham Trent University and regular freelancer from Staffordshire. I’ve a keen interest in copywriting, illustration and art among my graphic design and creative direction practices, with research and clear communication of the utmost importance. I aspire to take on new projects in differing industries, which is reflected by my final year projects; visualising time and data, a written and illustrated picture book, a Lioconcha mollusc-based style piece and furnishings brand concept and a rebrand of Romanian cigarettes. Aside of studies, I have been busy establishing an independent practice. I have focused on the rebrand of Talentum Motorsport's identity (superbike team in the MotoGP pyramid, televised on Eurosport) including designing the bike decals and sponsor logos. I have taken a step into the music industry with work for Gary Powell (of The Libertines), involving single and album covers, tour posters and band advertisement.
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