Emily King

I am graduating from Nottingham Trent with a BA (Hons) in Design for Theatre and Live Performance. I have a unique style of designing and enjoy making thought-provoking sets that make the viewer think deeply about my conceptual meaning. This year I consolidated my skills when designing and creating a set for Nottingham College. Collaborating with the director and a small team of helpers and technicians, I created an abstract set that made my audience feel as if they were on stage (in the sitting room!) with the actors. Through taking my third year out to undertake six different placements in the UK and Australia, I gained skills in construction, metalwork, woodwork, model making, scenic and prop painting which has helped me understand the different avenues of the industry and the roles needed to make a production happen. I am keen to explore the world of Theatre Design as I enter the industry. I am looking forward to working alongside designers to improve my model-making and digital software skills.