Cleo Sloggett

My experiences as a creative so far have shaped me into a quietly confident, resilient, and compassionate individual. I take pride in my work, I always complete tasks to the best of my ability and never give up. My studies in Fashion Communication & Promotion opened a treasure trove of skills: social media marketing, photography & videography and the art of visual storytelling. I light up when crafting concepts and mock-ups that bring ideas to life. My passion goes beyond aesthetics. I crave a space to express myself visually, collaborate through experimentation and make a positive impact. Sustainability and ethical practices are close to my heart and I'm determined to leave the world a better place. What’s my next move you may ask? I will be joining The Fashion Minority Report as a part of their 7th cohort of mentees on their Fashioning Emerging Professionals Programme. I am extremely excited to begin expanding my network and find my calling in our creative world.