Charlotte Turner

Having chosen to specialise in embroidery within my textile design degree, my graduate collection allows me to express a style I have not divulged in previously. ‘Psychedelic Flower Power’ is influenced by the 70’s hippie and psychedelic drug era; a time of expression, social and artistic change. Using a combination of Multihead embroidery, digital prints and AI generated designs from my visual research, my collection yields itself into the ways of modern technology reflecting that of my youthful and energetic concept. Inspired by visits to London and the Stitch Archive, I uncovered many new techniques and processes and immersed myself into the playful and innovative wonders of embroidery. I have fabricated a strong taste for vibrant colour within this project after having previously experimented with more muted tones. Working with industry briefs has aided my professional development within textiles and I have gained valuable experience from this.