Asha lacy-samms

I started drawing when I was 3 years old. It felt natural to have a pencil in my hand. I remember writing a story for 2 years in secondary school in hopes that one day I would see it on a TV screen. My time at NTU has taught my how not only can I achieve that dream, but to have the hope that it will become a reality. I want my work to reach the hearts of young aspiring artists and fairy-tale driving children, who believe that dreams and wishes do come true. But to work hard everyday is the key to reaching that goal. I've met the most amazing people, made an abundance of friends and worked with brilliant tutors who have helped my improve my skills and, who have inspired me to keep pushing my artwork to its limits. All that hard work, support and determination has paid off and I want to share my skills with the world! Thank you NTU for giving me the opportunity to learn from you, and bringing me one step closer to my dream!