Udhayan Rajoo
Art has always been a form of expressing oneself creatively. Creating one-of-a-kind and radiant designs through compositions, as well as being able to convey messages through imagery, has been a fundamentally important aspect of my upbringing. Being a Malaysian Indian and immersing myself in the language has enriched my understanding of the world while also allowing me to see creativity across different nations, thus broadening my knowledge and curiosity for the subject. My obsession with art and design, and thus drawing, illustrating, and creating solid objects (sculpture) out of clay, has been noticeable since a young age, as evidenced by an exhibition held at my high school, Good Shepherd International School, in 2018. I enjoy doing this because it allows me to enrich myself with a variety of information both inside and outside of the lesson, which is important for gaining perspective on what we have and should value.
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