Purva Prashant Wagh
As a passionate student currently specializing in art of creating garment patterns. Through my studies and exploration I’ve learned fundamental techniques to transform 2D designs to 3D clothing pieces. My personal project drives inspiration from rich Indian heritage throughout different periods and amalgamating it with current contemporary fashion trends of the west. This fusion allows for the creation of versatile outfits that beautifully balance the elegance of Indian traditions with the comfort and style of Western fashion. By drafting, and manipulating patterns to achieve the desired fit, shape, and style of a garment, it challenges the traditional notions of gender clothing, embracing a more flexible and fluid approach by innovative cutting methods. As I look towards the future, I’m determined to realize my dream of owning a clothing label which reflects my vision, aesthetics and values while providing high quality garments that resonate with diverse range of individuals.
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting