Nathan Whiteman
Following the direction of art was a pathway I never expected to go down. However, I have found it to be something I enjoy and have developed; learning to enjoy the process and do rather than think, but also learn to tell a story through an image or animation. Expressing oneself has been the highlight of my journey and being able to share that story with everyone will continue to grow from here on out. I have always found that less equals more. Keeping things simple yet meaningful is something I love. Being able to tell a story of a thousand words with one single image while also exploring a variety of ways to get the story across. I continue to explore different printing methods and collaging techniques and will continue to do that as I grow as an illustrator. I like to believe that one day, I can get to the level where my name is put on the map. I'll continue to push until I make it there and never stop from there forward.
BA (Hons) Illustration