Mandheer Kaur Gossal
Where visual communication meets social justice. I am Mandheer Kaur Gossal, a soon to be graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Promotion. Driven by the desire to create meaningful impact on my journey, I strive to push the boundaries and offer a fresh perspective within my creative practice. My focus is creating work with purpose work which makes you feel, think and be inspired. My recent project 'Avaz' is a collaborative publication made to create a space that accurately translates represents and celebrates the authentic Sikh Punjabi identity. I am driven by a desire to harness the power of social media and immersive experiences to create impactful narratives which provoke change. Themes of identity, culture and heritage are central to my practice, and I aim to continue using my creative storytelling as a method of my expression and experience. Recognizing the power of creativity, I aim to create a future where visual communication becomes the catalyst for positive change.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion