Lisa Kucheruk
Hi there, my name is Lisa and I am a passionate graphic designer with a focus on branding, typography, editorial, and poster design. I mostly do 2D still designs but I always enjoy exploring various areas of design to expand my skill set. During my time at Nottingham Trent University, I worked on two projects that challenged me to tackle serious and sensitive topics. The first project, 'Beware of Ideas' explores the dangers and techniques of ideology, including brainwashing, alienation, and the spread of ideology. My major MA project 'Hardened and United' focuses on Ukraine and its people. As a refugee myself, I understand the challenges that Ukrainians face while living abroad. Therefore, I created an online charity platform to unite Ukrainians and help them deal with loneliness, depression, and a feeling of guilt. This project also includes a branding identity that allows Ukrainians and others to show their love, pride and support for Ukraine.
MA Graphic Design