Kirti Rathore
In fashion, I pursued a MA in Fashion and Creative Pattern Cutting at Nottingham Trent University, focusing on sustainable, gender-inclusive streetwear. Inspired by brands like Minoar and Ragged Priest, I infuse my designs with experimentation and self-expression. At Arvind Ltd, I witnessed the limitations of mainstream fashion, igniting my passion for change. I aim to break down rigid gender norms, creating an inclusive fashion landscape. Sustainability is at my core, utilizing CLO-3D software and repurposing deadstock fabrics to minimize waste. My future involves collaborating with UK streetwear brands, balancing inclusivity and their aesthetics. I embrace sustainable practices, harmonizing their identity with inclusivity. As a pattern cutting specialist, I ensure precision and impeccable fit for all genders. Together, let's shape a conscious and inclusive fashion industry.
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting