Khushi Tandel
As a photographer, I bring a unique set of experiences, skills, and personality to my craft. My experiences have taken me around the world, allowing me to capture the beauty and diversity of different cultures and landscapes. I have photographed everything from the vibrant streets of India. These experiences have given me a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of our world, and a keen eye for capturing it through the lens of my camera. In terms of skills, I have a strong technical foundation in photography, including knowledge of composition, lighting, and post-processing. I am equally comfortable shooting with natural light or with studio lighting setups. I am skilled in a variety of post-processing software, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and have a keen eye for colour grading and retouching. But photography is not just a technical craft - it is also an art, and my personality plays a big role in how I approach my work. I am a curious and empathetic person.
BA (Hons) Photography