Jueun Lee
I am a South Korean Textile student, specializing in Knit. I am delicate and sincere, and do my best with patience for perfect results. The overall purpose of my project is to make a story of my feelings that I accidentally discovered and felt, and empathize, comfort, and interact with people through my story. I’d like to become a designer who can get closer to people, give them warmth and empathize with them. There I want to reach out to people to hear what they want, and design based on it rather than designing for me. I want to express what I desire to communicate in many ways by further researching and developing using upgraded textile techniques, along with my unique patterns and materials and the development of materials based on them, not for commonplace designs and brands’ fame. In addition, I want to design in such a way allowing people to feel and empathize with my design that contains my values without feeling repulsion.
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