Jennifer Williams
What started as a vendetta towards cotton soon became an obsession and fascination with hair. Being aware of the implications and vast negative effects cotton has on the fashion and textile industry, I was determined to explore far more logical materials. I explored other, more environmentally friendly, plant fibres such as bamboo and hemp. However, I quickly cottoned on to the realisation of using readily available material we have surrounding us. We're all aware that there is an atrocious issue with waste in the world today, so it became obvious to me that we should be utilising the free, available materials we have to hand. There’s endless quantities of resourceful materials being thrown away every day, in Europe alone an estimated 72 million kg of human hair is collected. Therefore, ‘A Hairy Situation’ is a deep dive into hair, untangling and exploring the physical, philosophical, historical, cultural, and social properties of all thing’s hair. What are your feelings towards hair?
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