James Thorpe
My belief at the heart of filmmaking is storytelling. The desire to tell tales of bold characters and settings, with an entertaining premise and creative visuals. As a screenwriter/producer, I’ve worked on a variety of projects that do just that. From ‘Box Club’, a documentary following featherweight boxer Connor Coghill, as he sets up a community boxing gym for at risk young people; to ‘John, the Bear’, a short fiction exploring discrimination in the workplace, told through the eyes of 7-foot tall talking grizzly bear. I adore practical effects, physically bringing fantasy into reality. I also make YouTube Shorts 3D printing props and costumes, a creative outlet to showcase my production design work. With plans to pursue a postgraduate degree in film business, to further understand commercial cinema as an industry, my ambition is to eventually create animated series and feature films, with the focus of entertaining an audience.
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