Hannah Fletcher-Tomlinson
I am a final year MFA on the Fine Arts course and looking forward to pursuing a PhD next. My practice is expressing emotions and mental health through abstract and expressionistic painting, drawing and poetry. Whilst my practice serves as a catharsis and documentation, it is also to open dialogue on mental health as well as the reflection of art analysis and response in all viewers. I have exhibited at Nottingham Contemporary, in which I also led a workshop allowing people to discover their own emotions through colour. I have also exhibited at Surface Gallery, Gallerie V, Backlit and internationally at Jill Krutick Fine Art Gallery, all of which the artwork has focused on emotion through colour and movement. My latest works have all been exploring the more scientific side of what makes us respond to art, the neuroscience behind what we see and link to colours and drawings, and I hope to continue this with PhD research, further exhibition opportunities and collaborations.
MFA Fine Art