Frances Stonier
I am a 21-year-old painter and visual editor, adding recognisable facial features in unexpected locations with the goal of challenging the viewer's assumptions. I use photographs of myself to create intense edits in Photoshop, I then transfer the images to canvas and board on which I paint sections, paying close attention to how my brushstrokes match the contours in my own portrait. I then mount these boards on the wall and paint around them to incorporate them into the environment in which they are displayed, thereby producing murals. Process and outcome are equally as crucial as the way the piece is experienced. I encourage discussion on what people can see, what they can't see, and what strikes a chord with them. I firmly believe that each and every person will experience my pieces in a unique way, depending on their personal experience. Because of this, I refer to my creations as universal puzzles that everyone can attempt to put together
BA (Hons) Fine Art