Eva Barlow
A visually cultured creative, with an inherent eye for design and a strong sense of curiosity, I have experienced, learnt, and homed in my skills across the three years of my degree. My skills involve concept creation, art direction and research development. Through the lens of society and culture, my work aims to shine a light onto relevant issues and provide solutions to move towards a more positive future. This culminated in my self-devised project where I created ‘Revolve Creative Consultancy Agency’; based on the problem of Gen-Z experiencing loneliness due to technology interfering with our physical relationships, the agency’s purpose is to work with brands that encourages them to connect and provide their consumer with physical brand activations, allowing them to revive meaning within their social connections. Through opportunities on the course, I have challenged myself to get out my comfort zone, which has led me to create work that I didn’t think I was capable of!
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion